5th March 2019
' Nominations open '
26th April 2019
' Nominations close '
24th June 2019
' Shortlist announced '
10th July 2019
' Awards ceremony '

How to Nominate - Information for Health and Care Organisations

The nomination process has been designed to make it as easy as possible for individuals and organisations to complete, and to encourage their local MPs to submit them on their behalf.

MPs will be encouraged to reach out to their local health and care organisations, as well as members of the public, to seek nominations.

There are 10 categories in which you can put forward nominations, and you can nominate in as many categories as you like. Each category will have three specific questions to guide the nominator, and a 300-word limit for each. This is a limit only, answers may be shorter. The categories are detailed here.

NHS England and NHS Improvement has created a pack to support any individual, team or organisation who wishes to submit a nomination for the NHS Parliamentary Awards.

This includes communication leads/teams in NHS provider organisations and Clinical Commissioning Groups, as well as local authorities, charities, voluntary groups, social enterprises or any other organisations or individuals who provide or support the delivery of health and care in England.

Please submit your nomination using the correct template form(s), so that your MP or their staff have all the necessary information to hand, and can easily copy it into the official nomination form.

In all but the Lifetime Achievement Award, the questions to be answered on the nomination form are:

  1. What has been done? – detail the improvements made and why.
  2. Who benefitted? – detail how many patients/communities and/or staff has this had a positive impact on, including particular groups where applicable, and to what extent.
  3. What happens next? – detail how this improvement can be sustained and/or developed further or shared with others locally, regionally or nationally to benefit more patients and/or staff.

Questions to be answered when nominating for the Lifetime Achievement Award:

  1. Outline this person’s career/relationship with, or supporting, the NHS.
  2. How have they made the NHS better for patients?
  3. How have they made the NHS better for past, present and future staff?