5th March 2019
' Nominations open '
26th April 2019
' Nominations close '
24th June 2019
' Shortlist announced '
10th July 2019
' Awards ceremony '



Kate Tantam & The ICU Rehabilitation Team, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

South West

One patient described that “Being a patient in Critical Care is like chucking a hand grenade into your life – it blows everything apart “. 

Kate and the ICU Rehab teams work aims to defuse that grenade by promoting and facilitating recovery by humanising the Critical Care environment and building services.  They have created a ‘Secret Garden’ to support rehabilitation in ICU promoting positive mental health for staff, patients and loved ones. Kate also founded the international #rehablegend campaign, promoting the ‘little things’ that the inter-professional teams can do to promote and enhance recovery.

Nominated by: Johnny Mercer MP and Luke Pollard MP


Olutayo Arikawe, The Priory Community Pharmacy


Olutayo Arikawe is the Superintendent pharmacist for The Priory Community Pharmacy. The pharmacy is a not-for-profit social enterprise established to serve one of the most deprived area in Dudley, West Midlands. She is a multi-award-winning pharmacist who has been recognised for her passion for pharmacy and dedication to improving the quality of health of her patients and community. In the year 2016, she won the award for the Best pharmacist in the United Kingdom (RPS and C&D)). In 2017, she was crowned the ‘Best of the Best pharmacist’ in the United Kingdom (C&D Awards) and in 2018 she won the pharmacist of the year at the Zenith global award.

Nominated by: Ian Austin MP


Oxfordshire Mental Health Partnership, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

South East

Oxfordshire Mental Health Partnership (OMHP) brings together six specialist mental health organisations to create positive initiatives that improve the lives of people living with mental health challenges. Teams offer a wide range of interventions including inpatient hospital care, community mental health and third sector services to get people back into employment, education, stable accommodation and relationships. Effective recovery is holistic and OMHP provides a complete recovery package supporting people through their journey, focusing on emotional and physical care and wellbeing, education and skills, employment, financial stability, housing.

Nominated by: Anneliese Dodds MP, Robert Courts MP, John Howell OBE MP, Layla Moran MP, Victoria Prentis MP and Rt Hon Ed Vaizey MP

Winners of the Excellence in Primary Care 2019

RESTORE2, West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group, Wessex Academic Health Science Network

South East

RESTORE2 is nominated as a collaborative quality improvement project working with GP’s and care homes, to support the early recognition and communication of physical deterioration using National Early Warning Scores for residents. This enables Primary Care services to prioritise and intervene for residents most at risk to ensure that people receive earlier urgent community and emergency care in the most appropriate place, at the right time and by the most competent person, preventing hospital admissions and saving lives.

Nominated by: Steve Brine MP

Winner of the Excellence in Primary Care 2019

Ade Williams, Bedminster Pharmacy, Bristol

South West

Ade and the Bedminster Pharmacy team through their innovative delivery of exceptional personalised care, remind everyone that Community Pharmacy has a unique role in the NHS family. Community Pharmacy is the arms of the NHS, at the centre of the interlinked and convoluted relationships that health and social care systems grapple with daily. Ade’s work, driven by his conviction in the NHS constitution values, is proof that when communities and clinicians work together, irrevocable improvements occur. Ade is an ambassador of the Pancreatic Cancer Action and Patient Advocate for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

Nominated by: Karin Smyth MP
“Ade is a great example of a pharmacist who really cares about his community. He keeps in touch with GPs to improve services and is always publicising important health campaigns."

Winners of the Excellence in Urgent and Emergency Care 2019

Dr Peter Buchman & the Pathway Homeless Team, Royal London Hospital


Dr Peter Buchman & the Pathway Homeless Team work to improve the healthcare of homeless people in the hospital. They do this by working closely with colleagues both inside and outside the hospital to improve communication between professionals and to advocate for this vulnerable group. They have forged close relationships between primary and secondary care, hospital colleagues, local authorities (housing, social care) and voluntary sector (hostels, outreach teams, day centres). Their aim is for no homeless person to be discharged to the street or without ongoing support.

Nominated by: Jim Fitzpatrick MP
"The pioneering work of Dr Buchman and his team ensures that those homeless and most vulnerable in our community get the medical care and support they need".

Winners of the Future NHS Award 2019, supported by FUJIFILM

The Autologous Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Team led by Professor Basil Sharrack & Professor John Snowden

North East

The Sheffield Autologous Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (AHSCT) team has pioneered the use of a breakthrough treatment, which is the first to significantly reverse disability of patients with active multiple sclerosis. The treatment is the result of a unique partnership between neurology and haematology departments at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. Sheffield was the sole UK site in the international MIST trial which has shown the treatment stabilised the disease and improved disability in people who had experienced 2 or more relapses.

Nominated by: Clive Betts MP

Winners of the Health Equality Award 2019

Chantel Palmer, North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

When Chantel started working at North Mid, vulnerable pregnant women would come into her care very late into their pregnancy. This meant that she couldn’t provide the level of support that she wanted, or that women and their babies needed. In 2015, she set up the Drug and Alcohol Clinic to help pregnant mothers who suffer from substance abuse sooner in their pregnancy and provide them with more support in order to give their babies the best start in life.

Nominated by: Kate Osamor MP

Winners of the Health Equality Award 2019

The Safeguarding Team, West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust

East of England

The safeguarding team consists of Bonnie Sparkes, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Safeguarding Adults, Michelle Mulvaney Lead Nurse in Safeguarding and Dawn Bailey, Named Nurse in Safeguarding Adults . Their work involves covert operations with the police and multi-agency to provide safe and well checks and safeguarding for potential victims of trafficking.  The safeguarding team worked with the Hertfordshire police to provide safe assistance to sex workers that were believed to have been trafficked for sex work into the UK from Europe. This was the first operation to involve a health partnership with the police, to safeguard vulnerable individuals who are very hard to reach and have limited access to health care.

Nominated by: Richard Harrington MP

Winners of the Wellbeing at Work Award 2019

Wellbeing at Work, North Bristol NHS Trust

South West

“We tell all our staff from day one that "your health is as important as our patients'".  North Bristol NHS Trust know that the better their staff feel, the better quality of care they are able to provide to their patients. Their staff wellbeing programme provides comprehensive support for mental health, physical health, and positive lifestyle choices; and in doing so has improved engagement and saved over £300,000 a year in reduced sickness costs alone.

Nominated by: Darren Jones MP
“I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Southmead Hospital on a number of occasions, so I am delighted to hear my nomination in the Wellbeing at Work category has been shortlisted for an NHS Award. The staff and volunteers at North Bristol NHS Trust work hard, and often in very challenging circumstances. Whilst the team’s focus is on caring and supporting their patients, it is right that staff and volunteers have opportunity to focus on their own needs too. The Wellbeing at Work programme ensures staff and volunteers can access support and activities related to a whole range of health and wellbeing topics.  I made this nomination as I was really inspired when I heard the Chief Executive’s strap line to staff was ‘your health is as important as our patients’. That’s right, as ultimately staff who are absent due to illness, feel unsupported or are struggling, aren’t going to be able to provide the best care for their patients and may end up needing NHS care themselves. I was also impressed with the broad range of needs that had been considered in the programme from caring responsibilities, menopause to flu clinics, setting up health walks and training Mental Health First Aiders. It is accurate to say, the team at North Bristol NHS Trust are leading the way when it comes to Wellbeing at Work and I wish them every success at the NHS Awards Evening in July.”

Winners of the Volunteer of the Year Award 2019

Aintree Hospital Volunteer End of Life Companions, Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

North West

Aintree Hospital Volunteer End of Life Companions were nominated for the successful establishment of an innovative model to enhance end of life care. They offer comfort and support to dying patients and relatives at an emotionally challenging time. Being there allows exhausted relatives to get some rest with reassurance that they are supporting their loved ones. For patients without family, their presence ensures that they don’t die alone. Sharing their good practice across the NHS has significantly enriched the overall care of end of life patients.

Nominated by: Dan Carden MP

Winner of The Lifetime Achievement Award 2019

Pamela Campbell, Solent NHS Trust

South East

Pamela qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1979 and has been working tirelessly since then. As a founding member of the Homeless Healthcare Team, set up in July 1992, she’s co-ordinated this interagency initiative. Becoming a Nurse Practitioner (2001) and then Nurse Prescriber (2002), Pamela achieved the role of Nurse Consultant in 2007.

Pamela has been instrumental in the development of the Homeless Healthcare Team and is recognised as a national leader in the field of homelessness. Her long career has included notably the Alcohol Day Detoxification Project, which won a Public Health Nursing Award in 2014, and the Breathing Space Project, enabling safe and supported discharge of homeless patients. Both projects required close working with the voluntary sector.  

Most recently Pamela has been involved in the initial stages of healthcare to Syrian refugees who have been offered asylum in the UK and a peer advocacy project to help homeless people to engage better with health services.

Nominated by: Royston Smith MP
“Through Pamela’s work with the most vulnerable in society, she has helped countless numbers of people return to a stable healthy life.  Southampton is truly grateful to this health champion and guardia